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P2.24 A


Design Director & Creative, for Web,
Product and Interactive Experiences. (Gaming/WebGL/XR/Installations).


Independent ︎︎︎ Design Director & Creative
Hello Monday ︎︎︎ Creative Director
Dogstudio ︎︎︎ Design Director
Denkwerk ︎︎︎Assoc. Design Director
Active Theory ︎︎︎ Senior Art Director
Superhero Cheesecake ︎︎︎ Senior Art Director
Saatchi & Saatchi ︎︎︎ Junior Art Director


Microsoft, Meta, Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, Cowboy, Hulu, Nike, Esprit, Louis Vuitton, Ritz Paris, Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch & Soda, de Bijenkorf, L’Oréal, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Southwest Airlines, Porsche, BMW...

︎  Work

Esprit worked with Pentagram on a Brand refresh aiming to bring the focus back to its original values.
 It all revolved around 3 creative pillars : Joyful, Authentic, Effortless. 
Denkwerk was in charge of translating those to Esprit’s online shops.

Design Direction

Prototyping Motion

︎ at Denkwerk
Interactive Experience.

︎︎︎ Design System

︎︎︎ Ecommerce

︎︎︎ Salesforce

︎︎︎ Coremedia


Hermann Vaske's double documentary :
"Why Are We Not Creative / Why Are We Creative," explores the depths of creativity. The digital experience delves into the struggles and triumphs of world-renowned artists. Scroll down to uncover the challenges, then ascend to discover the uplifting essence of inspiration.


Art Direction
Motion Prototyping

︎ at Denkwerk
Interactive Experience.

︎︎︎ Film
︎︎︎ Documentary
︎︎︎ Art

The Dime Trap is T.I's tenth album. For this special occasion he invited his fans to explore and interact with the highly detailed 3d artwork from his album cover and discover the stories that shaped him throughout his life.

Art Direction

︎ at Shcc
Interactive Experience.

︎︎︎ Web GL
︎︎︎ Deferred Shading
︎︎︎ Mobile first

Jimmy Nelson, renowned British photographer documenting disappearing tribes, inspired an interactive campaign storing his poignant images on random servers. By tracking downloads, the campaign raises awareness of threatened cultures, fostering their preservation through widespread sharing.

Art & Creative Direction
3D LookDev & Motion

︎︎︎ with Joris van Raaij

︎ at Shcc
Interactive Experience.

︎︎︎ Web GL
︎︎︎ PR

To celebrate their latest collection , creative teams from Scotch & Soda asked us to create “something cool” with their recently acquired vintage Felix the Cat imagery. We designed an in store mini game for their Amsterdam flagship store, aiming to entertain customers in the waiting line. Displayed on large screens behind the storefront window, the experience invites passers-by to play, using their smartphone as a controller.


︎︎︎ Web GL
︎︎︎ Gaming
︎︎︎ In-Store